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french doors dressed in foor-to-ceiling linen curtains- 18th century brazilian jacaranda secretary at end of the room- love, love, love!

the portuguese- style manor house built on the site of a late-19th century pillsbury family mansion

michael s smith many years ago standing in front of a gorgeous coromandel screen- my birthday wish!

reproductions of 18th century portuguese tile create an absolutely gorgeous back drop to the living room- a  pair of slipcovered sofas flanking the fireplace mantle- chic, chic, chic!  

a gilt mirror and blue and white portuguese plates hanging above stone fireplace mantle

a late 16th -century painting anchors the living room and sits over a saddle brown leather settee that michael s smith reproduced later for his furniture line- jasper- im so lucky to have the jasper settee in my dining room!

an antique table with drawers is beautifully accessorized in the living room- the blue and white tile is remarkable!

entrance hall- an antique rosewood portuguese table flanked by saddle brown leather régence armchairs- the collection of antlers from the south of frane  add an unexpected touch of rustic chic!

dining room- commissioned copies of antique portuguese colonial chairs surround the dining table

a lime-stone topped draper’s table anchors the center of the kitchen

breakfast room with antique portuguese ceramic plates hanging on wall- casual chic!

guest bathroom- another design of tile reproduced from antique portuguese originals- a pair of vaughan scones-love, love, love!

the library- cherrywood bookcases full of books- i love books!

guest bedroom- portuguese floral chintz from lisbon was used for the walls, curtains and bedcoverings- i love a singular print used throughout an entire room- chic!

master bedroom sitting room- ethereal wallpaper reflecting in the antique gilt mirror- gorgeous!

the sitting room opens onto a walled garden with an early 19th century fountain

“SENTIMENTAL- Michael S Smith” - One Comment

  1. YES, Very very beautiful. And unsurpassed.
    The only person who could possibly surpass and outdo this project, for beauty, I think, would be Michael himself. lightning strike more than once?


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