A FRENCH LESSON- Emmanuelle Alt

here’s a lesson in french. french chic! get a uniform. figure out what looks and feels good on you. stick to it. add luxurious accessories. keep is classic, simple and chic!

emmanuelle alt, the new editor-in-chief of vogue paris, is the french teacher. she sticks to simple rules. she’s always in black or white. always classic! she loves a relaxed fitting blue or white shirt. a stripe is sometimes in the mix. always simple! most of the time she’s wearing a perfectly tailored jacket, usually balmain, in black or white. a grey or white tee is usually her under pinning. always chic! her bottom of choice is a skinny five pocket jean also in black, white or leather. sound familiar? it should, these are some of my favorite things!

always classic and simple, but never boring, she loves fur, a tuxedo, animal print and black leather biker jackets. glamourous and chic! she never leaves home without her cartier tank watch and hermés collier de chien cuff bracelet. luxurious and chic! always in a isabel marant boot or a givenchy strappy heel. sexy and chic!

it’s clear why she is one of my favorite women- she knows who she is, what she likes and she sticks to it! she’s consistent, confident, classic, chic! french chic!

black head to toe- chic!

black leather jacket, a stripe tee, 5 pocket skinny jeans

with carine riotfeld, the editor-in-chief of vogue paris prior

black tuxedo jacket, grey tee, hermés collier de chien cuff bracelet- luxurious and chic!

military green shirt

white jacket, skinny black pants, strappy heels

blue shirt, skinny black pants, pumps- simple and chic!

black leather biker jacket and white tee

white shirt and a balmain vest

navy peacoat, turtleneck and wide leg denim tousers

animal print- glamourous and chic!

signature look- black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, white shirt and sexy strappy heels

black and white

black peacoat

white jacket, stripe tee, boots- sexy and chic!

with the sartorialist scott schuman

black double breasted military coat

blue shirt, skinny white jeans and strappy sandals- simple, classic, chic!

white tuxedo jacket, grey tee and skinny leather pants

navy double breasted blazer and jeans

cartier tank watch and hermés collier de chien cuff bracelet- luxurious and chic!

fur- glamourous and chic!

black leather jacket and stripe tee

white shirt and black skinny jeans- simple and chic!

with daughter francoise durand- adorable and chic!

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