A CLASSIC- Sofia Coppola

classic, cool and chic! a lbd (chic for little black dress), verdura cuffs, flats and a slim suede asphalt louis vuitton clutch. sofia’s uniform. a classic!

there’s not much more to say about sofia coppola that everyone doesn’t already know. the daughter of the director of the godfather, a film director, producer, actress and screen writer in her own right. her film lost in translation won an academy award for best screenplay and three golden globe awards, including best picture. really cool!

some things you might not know. she has designed two handbag and shoe collections for louis vuitton. not a surprise that they are simple and understated just like her. she also collaborated on the louis vuitton 2012 resort collection. she’s known marc jacobs for 20 year and is considered to be his most adored muse. very chic!

if she’s not in an lbd, you can often find her in my favorite things- blue and white shirts, trench’s, stripes, white jeans, grey sweatshirts, military jackets. i love when she wears my favorite color navy. i love how she wears it with black. not many people get it- she gets it! classic, cool and chic!

she just married the father of her daughters, thomas mars, at her family’s villa in bernalda, italy. expected to wear her uniform, she surprised all in a gorgeous, feminine, lavender dress by the master himself, azzedine alaia. unexpected- she gets it! a classic, really cool and very chic!




in black head to toe with the sc (sofia coppola) bag for louis vuitton- chic!

classic, cool, chic!

navy and black- so simple! so chic!

in white jeans- vogue- bruce weber photograph

in givenchy at cannes film festival

with husband thomas mars

in celiné stripes

chic in navy blue louis vuitton

in black tuxedo- paris vogue

at home- cozy and chic!

in azzedine alaia lbd and ballet flats

in polka dots and flats with thomas

in grey sweatshirt- love the verdura cuffs!

paris vogue

simple white tee, black skirt and sofia designed clutch and sandals for louis vuitton

black feathers- chic!

simple in black and white, with daughter romy

classic in stripes

vogue paris

at home

simple in black

classic in blue and white shirt, denim and sc bag

simple black sweater and denim

casual in white dress and sandals with youngest daughter cosima- adorable!

in marc jacobs lbd at the canne film festival

easy blue shirt

black , navy , cuffs and clutch- so chic!

paris vogue

white tee and black trousers

in sequins- glamourous!

on her wedding day to thomas in alaia

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