there is just something about a black turtleneck- something elegant, simple, sophisticated! the best thing is its slimming!

i love a black turtleneck paired back to white, charcoal, camel or navy. so chic! cotton knit, fine gauge cotton, merino, lambswool or cashmere. flat, ribbed, chunky or cabled. my favorite is a slim fitting turtleneck in cashmere with a longer neck. folded over so it sits right below thee chin. so chic, so flattering, so slimming!

elegant with a navy pinstripe suit, simple with a charcoal grey flannel trouser, sophisticated with white denim. chic layered under a camel coat or a white shirt (yes, classic under a white shirt). perfect for fall layered under a dress, add some black tights and boots, instant chic for the ladies!

i don’t know exactly what it is, but everyone looks chic in a black turtleneck! maybe because it’s so mart, so simple, so sophisticated and all so slimming!

my favorite places to buy a black turtlenecks – prada, jcrew, club monaco, ralph lauren 

george cortina- wear with a navy db pinstripe suit- chic!

gisele bundchen- wear under a camel coat- smart!

jackie onassis- black with white- love!

steve mcqueen- wear with charcoal flannel trousers

michael kors- fall 2011 collection

phoebe philo- all black with white tennis shoes

wear with black leggings and white wool coat- elegant!

wear with slim pants and riding boots- vman- mario testino photograph

bill blass - fall 2011 collection

love black with navy

jackie onassis- simple and sophisticated!

steve mcqueen- layered under a charcoal suit and a trench- smart!

alexa chung- layer under a dress

simple, sophisticated, slimming- arena hommes

love black with camel

paul newman- layer under a white shirt

love black head to toe

ralph lauren- classic!

love with white denim

cate blanchette- chic!

celiné- fall 2011 collection

steve mcqueen- all american classic!

marilyn monroe- simple with white capris

turtleneck and pinstripes

anna della russo and george cortina

carine roitfeld- wear with black leather pencil skirt

wear with camel and a beret- chic!

audrey hepburn- wear with capris, loafers and a pony tail

steve mcqueen- sophisticated!

victoria beckham- simple and sexy!

hermés- spring 2012 collection

arena homme

love black with navy

bill blass- fall 2011 collection

jackie onassis- wear with camel hair trousers- smart, simple, sophisticated!

Photographs by Tommy Ton, Vanessa Jackman, Mr. Newton, Phil Oh and The Sartorialist.


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