SIMPLE LESSONS- Darryl Carter’s Townhouse

darryl carters washington dc town house is a study in less is more- a simple lesson and symphony of cool, calm, confident, collected- chic!

a 1910 limestone beaux arts building on embassy row, once the chancery of the sultan of oman. sounds fancy but actually not, well, at least at first glance. the details are abundant, however, simple rules also abound in this townhouse- a cool palette of chalk white, biscuit, linen and grey carry throughout the house. simple roman shades, black accents in pivotal places, walnut antiques, zebra rugs, amazing lighting, simple art create the foundation.

the mastery comes with the placement of furnishings and accessories, precise like sculpture. unified, strong, uncompromising-chic! the juxtapositions and adjacency’s are brilliant! the cool palette allows the eye to focus on the fabulous furniture, art and objects. spare, uncomplicated, precise!

check out mr. carters book, the new traditional: reinvent- balance- define your home, for more simple lessons and beautifully precise decorating. whats astonishing is that darryl used to be a corporate lawyer before taking on interiors. genius! more to come on that in some futures posts. until then enjoy the calming symphony of simple lessons- music to my ears!

this post is dedicated to my dear friend and mentor stephen- a strong creative force in my life and my work. mr carter and mr brady’s aesthetics and rules are very similar! thank you for the lessons!

townhouse featured in elle decor, photography by simon upton.





cool, calm, confident, collected- chic!

1910 beaux arts building on embassy row in washington d.c.

darryl carter- corporate lawyer turned decorator- genius!

furnishings and accessories placed like sculpture- brilliant!

chalk white walls, black accents, simple art, fabulous antiques!

spare, uncomplicated, precise!

white, white, white- love, love, love!

mix of pricision, textures and scale

master bedroom- a simple lesson- less is more!

precise placement - unified, strong, uncompromising!

master bath- a calming symphony of chic!

the walnut secretary in the master bath- unexpected brilliance!

simple lessons in juxtapositions and adjacencies- music to my ears!




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