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black lacquered dutch doors in the mudroom

the bell tower is original from when the house was a school

1833 school house transformed into an american modern home

abundant gardens frame the entrance of home

original coat closet under the stairs- love the black door!

glossy white walls and floors showcase a modern day mis of furnishings

a long table in the center of the living room divides the vast space

love the shelving with folding doors- perfect way to showcase collections and objects in a modern way!

a perfect mix of vintage with modern-  more is more! more is modern!

collections and objects layered, stacked and clustered! chic!

all white kitchen with black accents

exposed shelves in kitchen to stack, lean and cluster!

a beautiful mix of textures

sentimental collections

1950′s arne jacobsen table and chairs- perfect place for putting on and taking off shoes

white floors and walls- love, love, love!

long white hallway with black doors- my favorite design detail! amazing!

light filled master bedroom- a perfect mix of neutrals!

stacking, grouping , clustering of art- the mix master!

master dressing room- chic!

vintage antiques add warmth to the glossy white master bedroom

guest room- eclectic mix of bedding textiles- texture and detail!

the sunroom from the back lawn

gorgeous gardens

modern, charming, casual and relaxed- american modern refined, american modern defined!

“AMERICAN MODERN- Thomas O’Brien” - One Comment

  1. Tom did amazing things with this old School house
    & give us in bellport a true treasure for the village!
    how next store Thomas is building a new house that looks like it been their 150 years. are both gardens wonderful!…..TOB is a gift to bellport!


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