a powder room can just be pretty! it’s allowed!

a small isolated bathroom usually near the foyer, living room or dining room in most homes can be a little formal, a little dramatic, a little sexy- it’s called for!

have some fun- bright colors, graphic printed wallpaper, bold stripes or lacquered all black. add sconces, a small lamp, a chandelier and a mirror. be fancy! a slipper chair, small table or ottoman can add warmth and texture. be chic!

my perfect powder room would be all mirrored like the one pictured by miles redd (one of my favorite interior designers)- panelled and trimmed from floor to ceiling with venetian mirror. add a simple polished nickel gramercy sink and a small 18th century venetian mirror layered on top of mirrored walls. burnished brass galerie des lampes scones with cream silk pleated shades and a small charles edwards alabaster pedant providing dim sexy lighting.

lots of mirrors with a few burnished brass accents- add some pale pink peonies, lean an important piece of art, add beautiful soaps and french linen hand towels. really fancy, really chic, very perfect!

a powder room should just be pretty! it’s expected!

bunny williams

michael s smith

ray booth- veranda

carol prisan- world of interiors


miles redd

steven volpe- elle decor


miles redd- elle decor

glen pushelberg and george yabu- elle decor

miles redd- house beautiful

darryl carter- elle decor

betsy brown- house beautiful

martha angus- elle decor

todd klein- house beautiful

michael s smith- house beautiful

ashley whitaker

katie rider- elle decor

steven gambrel- elle decor

ted tuttle- elle decor

michael s smith


deeda blair

michael s smith

michael deperno- elle decor

mark d sikes- house beautiful

peter schull- elle decor

laura kirar- elle decor

tom scheerer- elle decor

miles redd- elle decor

albert hadley- house beautiful

mike clifford- elle decor


miles redd

steven gambrel- elle decor

steve lerner- elle decor

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