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chateau de wideville, valentino’s home near paris

valentino and sophia loren

princess diana in valentino red

jackie and aristotle onassis- valentino wedding dress

valentino and diana vreeland

prince pavolos and marie chantal of greece- valentino wedding dress

audrey hepburn

chalet gifferhorn- valentino’s home is GSTAAD, switzerland

valentino and giancarlo

dear friends

valentino and marie chantal of greece

valentino’s holland park home in LONDON

valentino and jackie onassis

valentino and his beloved pugs

valentino and diana vreeland

valentino and muse natalia vadianova

christy turlington

audrey hepburn

valentino’s NEW YORK CITY home

“THE GIFT OF VALENTINO- Part 1” - One Comment

  1. Bravo! Fabulous post on a true master of his craft. i own one dress from valentino and it is a much treasured and adored gown that i always feel like a princess in. beautiful post!


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