VREELAND CHIC- Diana Vreeland

what’s the definition of chic? this woman, diana vreeland!

This woman had such style, reeked with it, along with an abundance of elegance, personality and sophistication. she had a uniform, a distint hair-do, always accessorized, more important- she had a point of view! i especially love the images of her when she was younger wearing wide leg trousers, stripe boat-necks, white woven’s, capri sandals, sweaters thrown over her shoulders, red nails, slicked back hair, cigarette in hand. chic never goes out of style!

this woman had quite a career in fashion. mrs. vreeland started her career at harpers bazaar, she was there for a staggering 26 years, then went to vogue as editor-and-chief from 1963-1971. parted ways then joined the costume institute of metropolitan museum of art as a special consultant. chic at work!

this woman loved red, her signature color.  not a surprise when you see her home that was designed by billy baldwin. mr baldwin found the perfect colefax and fowler blood red chintz and used the fabric on everything. mrs. vreeland found red bright and revealing, i find it absolutely chic!

this weeks posts on my favorite woman is my version of “chic degrees of separation”. chic connections- diana vreeland discovered marisa berenson at the age of 16. jackie onassis was mrs.vreelands editor for her book allure in 1980, just re-printed this past year. lastly, carine roitfeld , not sure if she and mrs. vreeland ever met, even if they haven’t, she has followed a very similar career path in fashion. this was not planned, truly it was a discovery as i researched for this post. chic meant to be!

this woman, the absolutely alluring diana vreeland- chic defined, and it never goes out of style!

photographs from the books- allure, diana vreeland by eleanor dwight, diana vreeland: the eye has to travel

chic defined- jonathan becker photograph

diana photographed at her home in london sitting in front of the famous portrait painted by william acton

hoyningen-huene photograph

vreeland family in stripes- chic!

george platt lyons photograph

cecil beaton photograph

diana and her husband, reed vreeland, in southampton- chic couple!

the bazaar years- photographed by george platt lynes in her 400 park avenue apartment

the reeds in brazil

famous photograph by louise dahl-wolfe

the vreeland’s- chic travelers!


diana and reed- love his stripes and espadrilles!


stripes- stripes- stripes!

billy baldwin decorated apartment

diana, photographed by horst, in the her living in which she called “the garden of hell”.

“all my life i’ve pursued the perfect red”.

jonathan becker photograph

dv’s lv luggage

diana and her luggage- jonathan becker photograph

jeremiah goodman painted illustration of diana’s living room- beautiful!

David baily photograph- one of my favorite photographs!



the high priestess of fashion- HARRY BENSON PHOTOGRAPH

“i adore artifice, but i also adore perfection”.

priscilla rattazzi photograph- chic in grey head to toe and her signature accessories- chic!

diana dressing a mannequin for a balenciaga show, the first show she put on at the costume institute


DIANA AND VALENTINO- chic arrival!



DIANA AND VALENTINO chatting about all things chic!

DIANA AND YVES SAINT LAURENT- this was the time!

DIANA AND CALVIN KLEIN- abundance meets minimalism!

DIANA AND VALENTINO- chic and chic!

DIANA AND JACKIE onassis, her editor for her book on the quality of “allure” in fashion and in life.

chic never goes out of style!


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  1. you got some really rare pics of the diva… thanks for sharing through this beautiful post. i was looking for some pics of dv, shot by Horst (for my blog -www.chicorychai.blogpost.in). that’s how i landed on your blog. am glad :)

    Himani on   /   Reply
    1. hi terri- i found them from the three books i mentioned at the end of post. all you need is a great subject and a scanner -and poof – a post!!! glad you enjoyed it!! tomorrows is better :)

      mdsikes on   /   Reply
  2. Mark, Did you ever see the play about DV called Full Gallop? It was so divine, as dv would say. I saw it years ago at the manhattan theater club, and will never forget it. Fabulosity to the max!

    1. dear dean- i have not seen the play, but i’m absolutely certain i’d love it! there really aren’t many ladies like dv around anymore. a shame really. happy new year!! thanks for the note! MDS

      mdsikes on   /   Reply
  3. Iconic….you chose some great shots of dv. I had the opportunity to meet her once at the met….my ex worked for her. he was an expert on military costume of the 18th and 19th century. fascinating….another lifetime ago and before you were born i am sure! keep up the brilliant work…xx.dt

    Danny Taylor on   /   Reply
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