cream, ivory, camel, beige, taupe- neutral! what do you have? chic territory!

it’s very simple- i love neutrals! they are rich, calming, enduring, everlasting- never a mistake, always chic!

i love a room with a mixture of neutral wools, mohairs, velvets, linens and silks. add in some raffia, camel hair, bamboo, saddle brown leather and wicker. pop in a bit of black lacquer, some glass and shagreen, maybe a gilt piece or two, something parchment-  what you get is chic!

modern, traditional, rustic, country, grand or coastal- whatever type of home, whatever your style- make it neutral, make it chic! what do you get? neutral territory!


anne- claire tattinger- town & country

darryl carter- elle decor

annette tapert- town & country

michael and alexandra misczynski- town & country

michael and alexandra misczynski- veranda

alberto pinto- town & country

darryl carter- elle decor

mark d. sikes- house beautiful

darryl carter- town & country

veere grenney- the world of interiors

victoria hagan- elle decor

carlos aparicio- elle decor

vicente wolf- elle decor

sills and huniford

vicente wolf- elle decor

john stefanidis- town & country

j. randall powers- elle decor

alex papachristidis- house beautiful

john saladino- veranda

henri samuel- veranda

town & country

william hodgins- house beautiful

albert hadley- house beautiful

suzzane rheinstein- house beautiful

michael and alexandra misczynski-vogue

phoebe howard- house beautiful

michael s smith- the world of interiors

james michael howard- veranda

j. randall powers- house beautiful

j. randall powers- house beautiful

myra hoeffer- house beautiful

jeffrey bilhuber

mark hampton

betsy brown- house beautiful

nina griscom- elle decor

jeffrey bilhuber- house beautiful

darryl carter- veranda

jeffrey bilhuber- house beautiful

alfredo paredes- elle decor

thomas o'brien- town & country

mark cunningham- elle decor

anthony and lotti lefebvre- the world of interiors

john frieda- elle decor

ralph lauren- elle decor


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  1. Who painted the abstract figurative painting of the Woman half navy, half white? titled Alberto Pinto town and country

    Diana Ramsay on   /   Reply
  2. You mange to be all of the best in design together. Applause, applause!

    Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors on   /   Reply
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