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bill blass in 1969- the year i was born! george hamill photograph

bill blass in 1980

bill blass in 1978- the national advertisement photograph for revlon perfume

talent, grace, style- bill blass chic!

bill blass’s connecticut home built in 1770

connecticut living room

impeccable taste, impeccable style!

understated beauty, glorious details!

bill blass shaped my love of a chocolate brown room- always chic!

first lady nancy reagan in bill blass- what a time!

bill blass and lynn wyatt- american chic in texas!

gloria vanderbilt in bill blass giraffe print tunic and pants- fabulous!

bill and diana vreeland- chic and chic!

bill and nan kempner- best friends!

the entry hall of bill blass’s sutton place apartment

the living room- one of may favorites!

quality and detail!

perfectly appointed- impeccable!

understated refinement!

the dining room

the very large bedroom- a bed sit!

center table

a living room, library, bedroom in one- love!

books everywhere- one of my favorite things!

bill blass- he knew how to live!

bill blass- the quintessential american fashion designer

1998 spring collection- one of my favorite bill blass dresses- love the hat!

1984 spring collection black and white ostrich feather coat- beyond!

lauren hutton in bill blass spring 1971 collection red dress

bill blass loved stripes- so do i!

famous bill blass evening separates worn by first lady nancy reagan

1990 bill blass spring collection black and white gown- gorgeous!

bill blass- american chic!

“AMERICAN CHIC- Bill Blass” - 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting this…love it. OMG…his Ct. home. love.


  2. This gave me quite the education. Thank you. How old are some of these images? Just curious as his interiors couldn’t be more classic.


  3. mark, would you believe…bill was the guest speaker at my f.i.t. graduation ceremony, held in radio city music hall, 1983
    and oh, what an inspiring and mesmerizing speech it was!


  4. So beautiful, so timeless. Great work (as always), Mark!


  5. I choose the dress with the hat!


  6. Hi Mark -
    I am completely head-over-heels in love with a cape from the Fall/Winter 2011 RTW collection. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it available for purchase anywhere. Getting to New York or LA isn’t possible, but I’m always up for shipping. Also, that collection is probably no longer available in retail. Regardless, do you have any ideas where I could possibly find one?
    Thank you for any ideas you can suggest -


  7. I have been searching for a cape from the Fall/Winter 2011 RTW collection but have not been able to locate it. It’s probably no longer available in retail. Regardless, do you have any ideas or suggestions for finding one for purchase?


    • hi jennifer- i love the capes too- but unfortunately, i’m pretty positive pieces from the fall 2011 collection are gone. fall 2012 will be in stores before you know it and i’m loving the black and navy pieces from the bb 2012 fall collection- chic! thanks for noticing blog!


  8. i was Bill’s PA from 1966-1969. He gave me the coat with dark twig motif! but I moved to Kenya, and the coat lived in my mother’s basement in Ohio forever more. What a waste. Use it Or lose it. bill was a wonderful person, and heaven to work for. sandy Price, Nairobi, Kenya.


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