BEAUTIFUL REPEAT- Charlotte Casiraghi

today marks the sixth month anniversary of the mark d. sikes blog. how time flies!

with great deliberation i have tried to figure out what to post on this momentous day. i wanted the post to be inspiring, beautiful, and most important, to be about a favorite or a must. charlotte casiraghi of monaco kept coming to mind. princess grace’s granddaughter, caroline of Monaco’s’s daughter. three generations of very chic, glamorous and stylish ladies.

for those of you that have been following the blog for some time you might recall a previous post on charlotte. well i loved the post so much, it is still a favorite, i thought why not have a chic repeat? a beautiful repeat!

so many things pointed to charlotte- she’s beyond pretty, quite bright, young, modern, always best-dressed, there is something uncomplicated and simple about her, easy, natural, refreshing, refined and sophisticated- lovely and chic, simply beautiful!

a few other important facts- charlotte is french and it is fall 2012 fashion week in paris, this pictorial is of her in french fashion shot by mario testino for french vogue (my favorite photographer, my favorite fashion magazine). some other interesting facts, just last week charlotte was named the new face of gucci and this year mark’s the 30th anniversary of princess graces death. so here we have a few anniversaries, lot’s of french inspiration and one great beauty!

why charlotte? because i want this blog to be about beauty that simply moves you! people, places and things that are inspirational, informative and interesting! everyday what i love, each post a must, every subject a favorite!

simple and easy, uncomplicated and chic, lovely and refreshing- simply beautiful! what charlotte is all about, what this blog is all about! a chic repeat, a beautiful repeat- a favorite!


photographs by mario testino for french vogue

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  1. DEFINITELY her mother’s daughter. absolutely stunning! well done always mds

    Jennifer on   /   Reply
  2. Mark, what a beautiful way to celebrate your first 6 months…looking forward to many more beautifully chic posts in the months and years ahead!

    doug on   /   Reply
  3. Mark, i could not agree more! I think charlotte is the most beautiful woman in the world. her beauty is just effortless.

    Carla on   /   Reply
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