NEVER GOODBYE- Albert Hadley

at this point, i’m sure everyone is aware that one of the greatest interior designers of all- time, albert hadley, passed away at the age of 91 in his hometown of nashville this past week- such a great loss, but never goodbye! mr. hadleys beautiful interiors, unmatched style and kindness will live on!

mr. hadley started out at the new york firm mcmillen, inc., then on to co-found the design firm parish-hadley with the prominent interior designer sister parish. throughout the years mr. hadley’s clients included babe paley, oscar de la renta, jackie kennedy, bunny melon and decorated for the Astor, getty, Rockefeller and Whitney families.

personally, i’ve been so inspired by his work through the years- the chocolate brown dining room with the white shade pendant is a favorite, who doesn’t love brooke astor’s red lacquered library which put red rooms on the design map and his robin’s egg blue living room featured in elle decor years ago was one of the best rooms of all time- so chic, so glamorous, so stylish- so inspiring!

maybe it’s because i used to live in nashville, or because of mr. hadley’s range- he was comfortable with both traditional and modern design, more likely it’s the chocolate brown, red lacquered and robins egg rooms or quite possibly the connection he had with bunny williams, one of my favorite ladies. whatever it is, and its probably all the above, albert hadley’s designs, life and style will always inspire me! his work will live on!

enjoy my favorite rooms by one of my favorite designers. mr. albert hadley (1921-2012) -never goodbye, but forever!



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  1. thank you for compiling such a wonderful collection of Mr. Hadley’s work. So gorgeous, timeless, but with a wonderful twist. That dark blue room with the splash of orange, the perfect placement of things…When you look at his rooms, you can’t help but think He must have just been that rarest of things now, a charming, talented, funny, gracious once in a lifetime person. how lucky your reader Ms. Bartholomew was to have spent time with a master.

    La comtesse lola on   /   Reply
  2. I thoroughly enjoy looking at an Albert Hadley designed space to examine every element. the “eye”, the integrity, and the style of this great designer is so inspiring. Rest in peace, mr. hadley

  3. What a legacy he Leaves Behind! There will never be another Albert! I had the pleasure of having cocktails in his NYC Apartment with him at this time last year. He was Gracious, Humble, wise and his place was the chicest thing I’ve ever seen. He will be Dearly missed.

    Sarah Bartholomew on   /   Reply
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