camel and ivory- one of my all time favorite color combinations! any day, everyday, all year long! camel and ivory- a chic guarantee!

have you ever seen anyone in ivory and camel that didn’t look chic? i haven’t! and something about it makes you look not only chic, but rich! what’s even better, ivory and camel is chic anytime of year!

in the spring i love an ivory silk blouse and pants with a camel suede safari jacket- chic! in the summer i love an ivory linen peasant dress with camel k.jacques leather sandals and a raffia clutch- very chic! in the fall, who doesn’t love a camel tweed blazer, ivory jodhpurs and hermes riding boots- more than chic! in the winter, what’s not to love about anything in ivory cashmere and camel hair- always chic!

camel and ivory- a chic combination! classic and timeless, all the time, anytime- chic guaranteed!

this post is for my dear friend allison- the chicest person i know! thank you for the inspiration, and most importantly, your thoughtfulness and kindness!

Photographs by Tommy Ton, Vanessa Jackman, Mr. Newton, Phil Oh and The Sartorialist.

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  1. Thanks so much for the Daily reminders that simple and classic can be so powerful.

    Betsy Brown on   /   Reply
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