what i love more than a lady is a lot of ladies- this weeks week of chic best dressed list has more than a few- get ready, well dressed ladies unite!

dresses, strappy heels, red lips, red nails, clutches, lace, color, ruffles, fur, feathers- signs of a lady, signs of this weeks best dressed list! lot’s of lanvin, several actresses, a few chanel’s, one gorgeous electric blue icon- lot’s of signals, get ready for lovely ladies!

not one, not two, but more than a few united ladies- i’m ready, oh how i love a lady!

who’s your favorite best dressed lady this week?

venessa paradis lovely in chanel

helen lee shifter- lanvin, mink and hermes- society lady!

kate bosworth in prada- young lady!

vogue editor virginia smith in lanvin- ladylike ruffles!

emily blunt in elie saab- colorful lady!

alecta hill in an isoude gown- pretty lady, pretty gown- both new favorites!

helen again on the left in a lady like sheath and roger vivier sling backs- love!

dr. lisa airan in lanvin- ladies of a feather flock together!

valerie bolster in black and ivory- sexy lady!

catherine denueve in electric blue lanvin- iconic lady!

fran lebowitz in camel and grey pinstripes, not ladylike but always super chic!

week of chic best dressed lady- sarah jessica parker in chanel- leader of the pack!


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