my new favorite word is cool! when i think of cool, i think of the fabulous interior designer peter dunham– cool in hollywood!

peter owns the very cool showroom hollywood at home here in la. when i says it’s my favorite, it really is! he represents carolina irving textiles, which you know i love (see post here)lisa fine textiles, which are also beyond fabulous! and who doesn’t love john robshaw? i do! peters own line of textiles are some of the best out there- so cool!

i think peter represents the new la aesthetic, he pretty much has dictated this new direction- casual, comfortable, easy- very cool! not trendy but timely, relevant and chic! eclectic art, vintage antiques, rich fabrics, lot’s of color, print and pattern- pretty cool!

his own home is a favorite! i love the guest house, the most perfect shade of blue! the home is a lesson in how to add textured, layers and warmth- the perfect mix! a lesson on how to create and live the new california lifestyle! multiple seating areas, functional spaces, lots of pillows for comfort, layered rugs, cool details,unique accents- a surprise in every corner!

peter not only has great taste, one of the best showroom’s and the coolest house in la, he is also a gentleman, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, especially in hollywood- real, genuine, authentic- that’s whats cool!

photographs by miguel flores-vianna for domino.

the blue guest house- one of my all time favorite rooms!

my all time favorite color!

casual, comfortable and easy- california cool!

lot’s of color, print and pattern!

the entryway- lot’s of texture, layers and warmth!

love the coral chandelier, the banquet and center table stacked with books in the entryway- chic!

the sitting room- peter’s samarkand paisley fabric on the sofa is the one of my favorites!

raffia, leather, velvet and a fire- fabulous!

another view of the sitting room

the dining room- love the black lacquered cabinets and picture lights!

dining room and library in one- cool and chic!

the master bedroom- print, pattern, color and texture- lot’s of pillows- the perfect mix!

eclectic art, vintage antiques, rich fabrics- the art of the arrangement!


the backyard- california living at it’s best- casual, comfortable, very cool!

peter’s home studio- hollywood cool!


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    andee on   /   Reply
  2. Beautiful.
    I really enjoy reading your blogs – you have a great eye for style. Peter dunham’s designs and interiors are just heavenly – thanks for posting all those beautiful photos.

    1. Mark,

      You have the best blog out there and Peter Dunham is so very talented as are you which is obvious by your choices. Why have you not featured John Stefanidis? His book, living by design is a favorite of mine. Check it out!

      A loyal follower from Virgninia…………………….jenny

      jenny Evans on   /   Reply
  3. Peter dunham did my friend’s house in west hollywood. i’ll have to take you there, Mark, it’s one of my favorite houses in LA! btw, your blog keeps getting better and better!

    Mel on   /   Reply
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