OH ROBERTO- Roberto Bolle

secretly i’ve always dreamed about being a dancer and if i’m dreaming why not be ballet dancer roberto bolle– oh to dream!

when ballerina alessandra ferri decided it was time to retire in 2007 at the age of 44 from the american ballet theatre she introduced a gift to america. the star of milan’s la scala theatre ballet roberto bolle was the gift, handpicked by alessandra to play romeo and be her partner in her farewell performance at the metropolitan opera house. later he went on to perform as a principal dancer with the abt, the first italian male ever to do so!

discovered by rudolf nureyev, the six foot three dancer has also been the focus of the photography book roberto bolle- an athlete in tights by one of my favorite photographers bruce weber. bruce has photographed many athletes, many good looking athletes, over the years. the theme, not unlike dancing, is always focused on youth, fun, beauty, new beginnings and most importantly- dreaming!

oh roberto- a favorite! a beautiful dancing dream!

all photographs by bruce weber.


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  1. I loved the shot of his feet. The pain and hours of work, and of love, that is portrayed in that one static image.

    One can only admire His devotion to his art, to his shape, to his line. How lucky we are to witness it.


    La comtesse lola on   /   Reply
    1. “Dios te salve Roberto, lleno eres de gracia”… sin duda el mejor bailarín del mundo. No me canso de mirarlo y admirarlo. Felicidades desde mi hermoso Montevideo en Uruguay (América del Sur)

  2. Thanks a lot for posting this amazing selection of pics. Bolle is not only a stunningly handsome man. He’s an example of devotion and dedication to art.
    i can’t wait to see “Oh Roberto – part 2”.

    Mariana on   /   Reply
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