MR. STYLE- Fred Astaire

since we are on the subject of dancers – let’s talk about fred astaire– mr. style!

when i was young i used to love fred astaire movies, actually i still do! how could you not? the dancing, the costumes, the glamour! my favorite movie of his was funny face, co-staring audrey hepburn in which his character is based on fashion photographer richard avedon– set in paris, music by george and ira gershwin– a love story all about fashion and style! a classic!

fred knew how to wear clothes, i mean really wear clothes- perfect tailoring, impeccable proportions, elegant silhouettes! the way he would tuck his shirt in, where his pants would sit on his waist, they way he cinched his pants with a tie, his slight frame, slicked back hair, constant signet rig, his many cravats- a top hat, tails and a white tie- so fred astaire, so stylish!

i’m not certain about this, but i’m pretty sure that fred astaire has been a huge inspiration on ralph lauren’s designs, aesthetic and style- just a hunch- how could he not? fred was so all- american, a classic, he had timeless style- he is what i call chic!

mr. astaire- mr. classic, mr. elegant, mr. chic- mr. style!

all photographs from the book fred astaire style.

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  1. Interesting that Astaire had his trousers cut high over the waist and form fitting material used to flatten the stomach. The same style that the Duke of Windsor used for his trousers. No one does this in today’s men’s fashions.

    allan reyes interiors/palm beach on   /   Reply
  2. Oh man, i loved the way fred dressed. the only man in hollywood who matched his tailoring and taste was cary grant. inspired by him, i’ve tried the tie as belt look a few times, which left most folks scratching their heads, but on him it was always sheer elegance. this post also leaves me yearning for pleats to return (I know, i know, i’m likely a majority of one in that).

    okay, a fun notation here: Look closely at Fred’s right hand, reflected back in the mirror of the very last photo above. you’ll see that he is tucking in his two middle fingers. Next time you watch him in one of his films, you’ll see that he does this in all his dance routines. Fred felt his hands were massive against his frame, and he was so sensitive to his aesthetic that he learned to keep those fingers tucked in on both hands, performing most of his routine exactly as you see captured in this photo.

    mIKE on   /   Reply
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