a few weeks ago i started a new series on my favorite designers and their homes. the first post in this series was the Connecticut home of bunny williams and john rosselli- two of my absolute favorites! and so it seems two of your favorites also! that post titled an affair to remember was record breaking- more views, more comments, more interest than any other post i’ve done thus far! for me, momentous!

it’s clear that everybody loves a love story! in this case the ongoing story of the love and time it takes to create a home- the introduction, the excitement, getting to know the space, the details, the energy- the commitment! what it feels like to know it’s forever, the love affair we all have with our homes!

this love affair we all have with bunny and john’s house continues as we take a tour of the pool and the pool house, both added later on in the renovation. first came the pool and since the pool was too far away from the main house a pool house was needed. what was added was a greek temple made out of tree trunks- so genius, so beautiful- so chic! a temple, in this case a pool house, worthy of worship!

next on the tour the renovated barn that was once a garage. it was john’s idea to turn the barn into a large space for entertaining- a very good idea! a fireplace was added, garage doors were turned into french doors, a bedroom, bath, kitchen and powder room were also added- a barn turned into a home!

so here is chapter two of the affair to remember- the story of a house turned into a home- more to come! thank you bunny, thank you john, thank you for sharing the most important thing with us- your home! enjoy!

photographs from the book an affair with a house and by dana gallagher for house and garden. oh how i wish house and garden would come back!

the pool house worthy of worship!

the barn that was once a garage turned into a home!

bunny williams, everybody’s favorite, at home!

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  1. what a delight…incredible style, ingenious design, and VOLUMES of love went into Bunny and john’s PHENOMENAL compound. Thank you for sharing it with us, mark.

    susan loyd on   /   Reply
  2. Mark, You Must visit this wonderful home! The barn is so dreamy. Bunny now has outdoor wicker at the pool house, which is truly spectacular. and the gardens….oh, my! Bunny and john open the gardens, the pool house and the barn for garden tours throughout the spring and summer.

    Cindy McMahon on   /   Reply
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