there are those homes that stay in your mind, you can’t forget them, you dream about them, they come up when you talk about great design- the best design! in this case one of the best designers own home- rose tarlow’s private house!

i love the living room, in the spring vines grow inside the house- this is something that stays in your mind! along with the knoll sofa in the living room that dates back to the 17th century and still has its original covering of worn velvet and embroidery, then there are the antique books stacked all around, the beautiful objects and collections throughout, the rich neutral palette, the way the pillows are stacked and layered. i actually loose sleep thinking about the richard serra nestled up to the bookcases perched on a early spanish table- then i dream about it! you can’t forget it!

what i can’t stop talking about is that this house was built in the late 80’s, i can’t believe it’s a little over 30 years old. rose tore down the existing house on a piece of hillside property filled with trees and began the process of creating her home. she studied the houses built by wallace neff, old-california style with eurpoean influences. 11th century beams came from england, oak doors and pine paneling from france- most of the materials were brought over from europe and refitted in los angeles- the way rose creates a home!

rose tarlow’s private house- what else can i say? it’s a favorite, in this case- the best of design!

all photographs from the book the private house by rose tarlow, photographs by oberto gili and tim street-porter. so much to enjoy!

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