DIVINE DETAILS- Suzanne Rheinstein

a few weeks ago i did a post on suzanne rheinstein’s nyc pied -à-terre (see post here)- what could be better than that? maybe her georgian revival home in the windsor square section of hancock park- my favorite neighborhood in los angeles- simply suzanne, simply divine!

suzanne rheinstein is all about the details- case in point, her design work, her store hollyhock, her homes. i suggest you really study these images, browse through them, go back again, you’ll see- lot’s of details, lot’s of beauty! the red grosgrain ribbon outlining linen on walls in foyer, the slipcovers in the living room, the trims on curtains, the paint techniques on walls and the floors, the moldings, the finishes- see, so much detail, so much beauty!

i’m humble enough to know when i’m the student and smart enough to know who’s the teacher- when it comes to details -it’s suzanne! when it come’s to beauty- it’s suzanne! here’s the lesson- we all have different tastes, however, if you like formal or if you are more casual, prefer feminine or masculine, traditional or modern, young or old- it doesn’t matter, however, the details do! take note, enjoy the lesson on divine details!

all images from suzanne’s divine book at home- a style for today with things from the past. photographs by pieter estersohn.


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  1. I agree, the back house dark doors and it’s eclectic furnishings is amazing. also amazing, those painted floor boards in the kitchen.

    i finally made it to hollyhock on a recent trip to la and it was as beautiful as i imagined – (oh, the spitzmiller!!) suzanne was in the back and i was in awe. couldn’t bring myself to say a darn thing.

    thanks mark – great post as usual!

    wendy on   /   Reply
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