There are those moments, unfortunately they are few and far between, when you feel pure joy- like when you have a great first date, when you hold a newborn baby, your gardens first bloom, for me, its when i find creative inspiration- something fresh, new, relevant- something beautiful!

i love darryl carters work, i’m really loving veranda lately, and i always love blue, my favorite color- well here it is, hold on- all three is one! a pale ethereal palette, centuries worth of antiques, precise furniture placement, everything beautiful- pure joy!

with the help of architects michael franck and art lohsen, darryl carter completely rethought a young families 10,000 square foot home in washington dc. the team aged the early 1970’s construction by lime- and power-washing it’s red brick exterior, enlarging spaces around a redesigned grand staircase. french doors, moldings and paneling were added throughout, ceilings were raised- details, patina’s, infused age, an eclectic mix- darryl’s genius, our joy!

darryl added english and continental furniture which brought history, character and beauty to the relatively new construction. neutral walls, watercolor hues, rich wood accents, fabrics installed on the reverse, rugs placed upside down- light, airy, calm,serene- beautiful!

fresh inspiration, new ideas, relevant design- beautiful, blue and joyous! a moment!

photographs by max kim-bee for veranda.

fresh, new, relevant- something beautiful!

lime-and power-washed exterior helped age the early 1970's construction

details, patina's, infused age, an eclectic mix!

neutral walls, water color accents, rich wood accents!

fabrics in reverse, rugs upside down- details!

the redesigned grand staircase

the library- molding and paneling added throughout!

the dining room. i love the eclectic mix of seating- chic!

the kitchen

the family room- beautiful blue!

the master bedroom

master sitting room- light, airy, calm, serene!

master bath

beautiful and joyous- a moment!

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  1. He has always been an inspiration to us! I love the simplicity , yet elegance that his room all have! Jsut hte irght mix of antiques with linen covered pieces, it all works effortlessly!
    Great Post!
    The Relished Roost

  2. Mark,

    WHat a joy to view…Mr. Carter, is a master of well studied, classic elegance! I,too am in love with his beautiful work. `mss

    Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors on   /   Reply
  3. Mark I don’t think I could love this home any more than I do! Gorgeous, the eclectic mix is fresh yet collected!

    2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist; Anita Rivera ( of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is in on my site! I hope you will visit…

    Art by Karena

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