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busts by houdon from lorenzi in paris make an elegant trio under the louis xv staircase- i love the blue trim!

the courtyard perfect for alfresco dining

the gardens

the expanded kitchen which was a group of partitioned rooms- i love the blue cabinets and the green ladder-back chairs

another view of the kitchen

the laundry- i love the painted furniture and the beautiful patinas.

the perfectly appointed drawing room

the dining room

the master bedroom

love the stacked art and the blue opaline glass lamp

blue green heaven

master bath- love the brass fittings!

another view of the bathroom

a guest bedroom- love the apple matting rug!

the richly decorated ceilings in the blue guest room were discovered during restoration as partitions came down- they had not been exposed for over 200 years!

chateau chic!

“CHATEAU CHIC” - One Comment

  1. We are delighted learn that frank has continued on his elegant path. A place of repose. David and Keopold


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