what’s colorful and cool, relevant and fun, most important, for everyone? friendship bracelets- not just a friday favorite, an everyday favorite!

add them, wrap them, layer them up- beads, twine, leather or rope! i love them all the time, anytime, especially right now- summertime!

i love the color, the pattern, the texture! mix them with your platinum rolex, or an hermes leather cape cod double strap watch- layer on a gold cartier juste un cloc or cartier love bracelet. what i love is the high and the low, a little bit preppy, a little bit ethnic- a whole lot of chic!

a trend that started many years ago by young kids who would make them at camp and give them to their friends has become a cultural phenomenon! no longer just a trend it’s now a fashion must!

friendship bracelets- cheap, cheerful and chic! a friday favorite, a friendly favorite!

available everywhere but my favorite place to get them is at rth here is la- the chicest store! a must to know!

Photographs by Tommy Ton and Phil Oh.


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  1. Love them and I do wear them all the time with my Love bracelet
    You gave me the idea to get one for my husband in time for Fathers day

    oona kanner on   /   Reply
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