i have a long list of favorite things- top of the list is a denim jacket! i’m true to blue!

right now i’m loving a lighter washed one- worn, torn, weathered and frayed! very cool, so classic- forever chic! wear with everything, over anything- a tee, a dress, a shirt and tie, even a piece of couture!

i started my career with the gap. my love of basics, essentials, staples was developed during this time. white jeans, military shirts, grey tee, cargos, stripe anything, a blue oxford, chambray– what goes with all these? a denim jacket- add it to the list! a mark must!

i’m very proud of where i came from! i’m really proud of gap! there is a feeling in the air, denim jackets are everywhere and right now gap is back!!!

true to classics, true to gap- true to blue!

Photographs by Tommy Ton, Vanessa Jackman, Mr. Newton, Phil Oh and The Sartorialist.


gap is back!

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