fridays are about my favorite things, must haves, things to get- today you got to get goyard! it’s cool, classic and chic – a friday favorite!

i could tell you the complete history of the french brand goyard, but i won’t- you can read it here! what i will tell you is that a goyard tote is a must- so many styles, colors, so many options! personalize it, monogram it, make it yours- add stripes, logos and initials! i love a monogram, i love a stripe- i love a goyard tote!

a few months ago i got the voltaire tote in black, but it looks like navy- had to have it, personalized it, now a favorite- a must made mine!

get goyard at barneys or bergdorfs– it’s friday, a day for favorites- get it today!

gwyneth and goyard

goyard in bright blue

monogram it

goyard is cool

add a logo

goyard is classic

personalize it

diane and goyard

goyard in green

goyard is chic

goyard in red

a must

dita and goyard

my next goyard

nicky and goyard

virginia and goyard

so many styles

so many options

so many colors

the goyard voltaire tote, my favorite- get it today!

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  1. So where can I get the Goyard Voltaire Tote in Black in the USA?

    marlene on   /   Reply
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