india hicks has it all- she’s elegant, really beautiful, oozes style, a mother of four, the daughter of legendary decorator david hicks, one of princess diana’s bridesmaids, and if that isn’t enough, she lives on harbour island in the Caribbean- a real life bahama mama!

india hicks and her partner david flint wood’s home called hibiscus hill has been photographed many, many times and for good reason- it’s chic! it’s always been a favorite- a dream!

i love the all white Georgian- style tropical house! decorated appropriately in french caribbean style! slip-covered furniture, white lacquered tables, anglo -indian antiques- comfortable, casual, simple and easy- island life at it’s best!

what i love most about the house is the grouping of collections- books everywhere, stacks of wood boxes, clusters of coral, shelves full of straw hats, crystal obelisks on a side table, eclectic art throughout! so chic!

if you want to know more about this real life bahama mama, follow her blog, and get her best- selling book island life. also, make sure you get annie kelly’s new book, rooms to inspire by the sea, all photographs from this book. both books are great,  absolute favorites, both musts!

lately i’ve been craving a vacation- sun, sand and a tan are top of mind! bahama’s are on the mind! island living dreaming!

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  1. Thank you, Mark! I’ve Been a fan of hicks and her partner for years! I’m also a fan of your aesthetic; you should know I am furiously squirreling to build my fortune so as to hire you to decorate my island retreat!

    Ryan on   /   Reply
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