believe it or not, i cant live without- my birkenstocks!

not just a pair of birkenstocks– i can’t live without my basket of birkenstocks! i have a basket i love from saint barths sitting by my back door filled with all my birkenstocks! those who know me, know this is true! i have so many styles but my favorite style is the arizona! i have about every neutral color, in leather and suede, a rainbow of comfort- a rainbow of chic!

but the one i can’t live without is in taupe suede, for him or her! i not only have one pair of taupe suede arizona birkenstocks- i think i have 5- also true! i love to wear with my white jeans, grey sweats, denim, all my chinos and any style of short! every where i go, anytime and all the time- it’s not only a must have, for me they are a have to have!

birkenstocks- not only a friday favorite, but a can’t live without favorite! not glamorous, but so stylish- i think chic!


the arizona in taupe suede- i can’t live without!

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