i’m a big fan of the royal family, the british monarchy– i love the tradition, i love the pomp and circumstance, the glamour, the history! what i really love are all the diamonds and the hats!

june 2-5 marks queen elizabeth’s diamond jubilee– sixty years on the throne! this week is marked with a series of parties, pageants and even yesterday 1,000 boats sailing up the river thames.

when i was thinking about what to post today to celebrate this momentous occasion i kept coming back to the diamonds and the hats- queen elizabeth has lot’s of both! i think it’s ok to say that her style is not my style, but i can appreciate it and like i said i love the diamonds, love the hats!

here are some of my favorite images of queen elizabeth over the years, all photographs are from vanity fair. lot’s of diamonds, lot’s of hats- my way of celebrating the queens 60 years on the throne! enjoy!

the diamond jubilee- 60 years on the throne!

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