BEACH BOY- John Jr.- Part 2

i’m always looking for a reason to do a post on john jr., see previous post here, so when i came across an old vogue paris hommes international this past weekend i couldn’t help but feel the spirit of the ultimate all- american beach boy- striking similarities, don’t you think?

so it’s clear, summer is here- time to hit the beach! what do all beach boys need? a pair of trusty swim trunks, a sweatshirt, a gold chain, flip-flops, a linen shirt, a tank top, a drawstring pant, ray-bans, a wind breaker and a coca-cola- summer beach essentials! what do all beach girls need? boys that look like john jr.- it’s essential, don’t you think?

just to be clear- essentials never change, they are always the same, along with john jr. they are some of my favorite things! long live the spirit of the ultimate all-american beach boy!

all photographs by inez and vinoodh, styled by another one of my favorites- emmanuelle alt.

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  1. Oh please don’t compare john jr to anyone else but himself! There is absolutely no resemblance between him and the malemodel in pics. John jr had an exuding
    Masculine regal elegance which was very rare.

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