I’VE BEEN WAITING- Michael S. Smith

ever since i heard michael s. smith had moved a few years ago from his gorgeous bel air home, one of my all-time favorite residences, into a new home in holmby hills, i have been dying to see it- the house itself, the way he decorated it, the details! dying to see everything about it! i’ve been waiting!

answered prayers- the wait is over! here it is- photographed by genius photographer francois halard, styled by my friend carolina irving for the wall street journal magazine. a distinctly modern space built in the 1990’s, a stark contrast from the Bel air residence.

i love the large expansive rooms, the marble floors, the neutral color palette- what’s not to love?! but the best is the unexpected- the mix, the balance, the scale, the symmetry, the high and the low. most people would only do large pieces of furniture, and only modern ones in these vast rooms- not michael! his skill of mixing, not matching is on full display! the mix of old with new, modern with traditional, and surprisingly high with low- not everything has to be big or expensive to be right! as you can see- everything is right!

ironically, a week before i saw the july/august wsj magazine, i had said to my partner michael, “do you think michael s. smiths new house will be photographed? by who? what magazine? when? i’m dying!”.

i’ve been waiting! god bless the wall street journal- well worth the wait! just right! i guess what’s next is an invite- i’ll be waiting!

a large 18th century painting in the living room flanked by 19th century chairs from the villa farnese- the perfect mix of scale and symmetry!

michael s. smith in his living room

in the living room in which the sofas and coffee tables from cb2 are mixed with a tang dynasty horse on the mantle purchased from christie’s. now that’s high with low!

in the corner of the living room- photos from robert polidori, a claude lalanne mirror and a steve chase dining table. the perfect mix of old with new!

the gallery

the sitting room- i love the mix of the louis xiv gilt bronze clock with  hammond kroll chairs from the 1930’s.

the master bedroom- the jasper mirrors on either side of the bed also grace my own living room! just right!

the rear terrace of the house

tony smith sculpture in the courtyard

michael s. smith- his skill of mixing, not matching on full display! well worth the wait!


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  1. genius? look at the idiotic lights at the base of the sublime tony smith sculpture. they interfere with the piece being able to work it’s magic. in fact they become a part of the piece, which i am sure was not the intention of that great artist. i can understand the desire to light this sculpture but to be satisfied with this inferior solution is not the mark of a genius decorator.

    james on   /   Reply
  2. DefinEtley inspired By CY TWombLy!
    He surprised me with the modern exterior, but it Iso classic that it works without effort! Love it!

    1. exactly!!!i actually had this thought when i was writing post, even played with the idea of mentioning. mentioned now- meant to be!

      mdsikes on   /   Reply
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