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boho family

paisley and stripes

denim and paisley

paisley on paisley on paisley

boho glamour

all- white

paisley, ruffles and lace

denim and paisley times two

boho beauty

boho summer

more white

ikat, paisley and embroidery

boho sunshine

boho style

bed-time paisley 

boho chic

boho play-time

beads, bracelets and baubles

boho white

patti and keith- embroidery and stripes


“BOHO SUMMER” - 6 Comments

  1. makes me long for the hopes and dreams of peace and love we had in the 60′s ! long live rock & roll and paisley!


  2. LOVE………


  3. love keith, love patti, so when i ask myself why i find this shoot so irritating all i come up with is creepy bruce webber. why in the hell did they let him in the door?


  4. Gorgeous photography. a fascinating inside peek into the richards clan. Absolutely love it all!!!


  5. i have always loved patti hansen. my favorite model in the 70s. i love the way she obviously had the power to tame keith; love that she isn’t afraid to admit she votes republican and is a christian–two “groups” usually ostracized by the media.


  6. The only way to dress!!!!! Comfortable, beautiful and free spirited!


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