VERY COOL- Vicente Wolf- Part 1

from as long as i can remember, and i have a great memory, i have loved vicente wolf’s beautiful interiors- simple, clean, serene, light and airy rooms! so cool- so vicente!

over the years his work has inspired- i love his monochromatic rooms with very little or no pattern, touches of gilt, wicker in the mix, large mirrors, eclectic furniture arrangements, leaning art, and his most distinctive signature, the use of african, chinese and indonesian artifacts and antiques. always the perfect mix, always perfectly appointed, always perfectly beautiful. then and now- very vicente!

the images that inspired, still inspire even after so many years! there are so many favorites- enjoy the range of whites, greens, pinks, grey’s, blues and lavenders! i love cool colors and no one does them better than vicente! so distinctive, so beautiful, so perfect! then and now- still vicente! still very cool!

all photographs from the books learning to see- bringing the world around you into your home and crossing boundaries- a global vision of design.

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