WARMING UP- Vicente Wolf- Part 2

michael and i just arrived in manhattan!

when i think of new york city living for some reason i always think of a modern apartment with lot’s of windows and high ceilings. when i visualize the interiors i see a monochromatic color scheme, probably shades of grey, long sofas, glass tables, eclectic seating, large abstract art- modern, sexy, clean and simple! the more i think about Manhattan living- vicente wolf’s style comes to mind!

i love vicente wolf’s work, his style is so distinct, so unique, so precise- so vicente! last week i did a post on his interiors- beautiful and serene spaces is blues, greens, pinks and whites- cool spaces! see post here. this week i’m featuring a collection of warm rooms- reds, charcoals, camels, yellows and browns! hot spaces!

vicente wolf’s style- light to dark, soft to bright, cool to warm! such a range- always hot! whether in new york city or not, it’s easy to see why vicente wolf’s style is always on my mind!

all photographs from the books learning to see- bringing the world around you into your home and crossing boundaries- a global vision of design.

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