a few years ago my partner michael came back from one of his many inspiration and buying trips in india bearing gifts- a large inlaid bone box,  a few small boxes and one fabulous book that has grown to be an absolute favorite called ikat- splendid silks of central asia by kate fitz gibbons and andrew hale.

i’m a big fan of ikats, i love the colors, the pattern and the texture! what an ikat pillow or a throw can do for a room is remarkable and the process is quite elaborate and detailed, read more here.

i love the book mostly because it was a special gift, but i also love the idea of where it’s from. michael bought the book in a very chic antique book store in the rambagh palace in jaipur– the former residence of the maharajah of Jaipur and now is a luxury taj palace hotel.

the special hole-in-the wall antique bookstore is packed from the ceiling to the ground with books. jain, the owner, binds the books himself with leathers and is known to have the biggest collection of rare indian books. also, this book store is where design talents like bunny williams, john robshaw and madeline weinrib are known to have found inspiration.

this book sits atop a stack of many of my other favorite books on my ottoman in our family room- since it’s on the top it must be shared for sunday book club!

enjoy the color,the pattern and the brilliance of ikat all through a very special book found in a very special place!

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  1. I dont think I will ever grow sick of a good Ikat, especially a vintage piece of Ikat fabric! Great Post and I love the new Pic!
    The Relished Roost

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