cy twombly, the great american abstract painter, arrived in rome in the 1950’s and never left! these brilliant images shot of by horst p. horst for vogue in 1966 of his apartment are breathtaking! i wouldn’t leave either!

the apartment was in a roman palazzo built for a 17th century member of the borgia family. the voluminous rooms and grand proportions were well suited for cy twombly’s very large paintings.

the interiors were stripped away of centuries of paint to unveil a shell of white washed walls and beautiful pale blue doors with silver moldings. the artful arrangement of antique painted furniture, art, classical busts and statues is a lesson in art in and of itself- living in art! gorgeous!

i know so many people have shared these images before either on blogs or editorials. i myself have seen them over and over, however, they never grow old or tired, they always intrigue and inspire! the details, the colors, the proportions are perfection! everything is timeless, classic and beautiful- everything is a love! one of my favorites if not my favorite home of all time!

photographs from the book horst interiors, vogue and my new best friend pinterest– enjoy and enjoy again!

i think the saying is,”when in rome do as the romans do.” i say- when in rome do as cy would do!

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  1. Mark is this apartment occupied; I would love to move right in. Twombly’s works of art are much like hieroglyphics to me; I know there is so much meaning there! Fabulous furnishings as well.

    Art by Karena

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