if you haven’t seen the october issue of c magazine you need to. the collectors issue is packed with great interiors, new ideas and stylish trend setters, however, i have to say my favorite part of the issue is the what’s hot page, a feature on chic coffee tables, better yet- a feature on my coffee table!

a chic coffee table is easy, all you need are the three b’s- books, boxes and bowls. stack some books, add a few boxes, balance these right angles out with a round bowl. i think my coffee table must is a box, perfect for a remote control, coasters or anything else you don’t want to have exposed.

to finish things off- add flowers, a few objects, maybe a candle, an hermès ashtray- so chic. i also love to add stacks of books under a coffee table, it adds warmth and it’s functional- see, isn’t it easy!

i’m a big fan of c magazine, but i’m a bigger fan of stacking, clustering and curating beautiful things on your coffee table. add a few c’s to the three b’s-  c for chic, one for coffee tables and another for c magazine!

thank you c magazine- a friday favorite!

enjoy a collection of my favorite coffee tables with the 3 b’s and one big c for chic!

c for coffee tables

the 3 b’s- books, boxes and bowls.


peter dunham- domino

tory burch- vogue

michael s. smith- elle decor

miles redd- elle decor

mark d. sikes

the three b’s- books, boxes and bowls

michael deperno- elle decor


steven gambrel

markham roberts- domino

bruce budd- the world of interiors

michael s. smith- elle decor

mark d. sikes- house beautiful

the 3 b’s- books, boxes and bowls.

house and garden

victoria hagan- elle decor

daryl carter- elle decor

ralph lauren- elle decor

am interiors- architectural digest

c for c magazine!

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  1. Hello Mr. Sikes,

    Could you please tell me where i could find the beautiful coffee table, which i think is in your own living room? Do you Sell them commercially? If so, could i have the dimensions and the price.
    It would be for an apartment in switzerland.
    Do you have a representative there?
    Thank you very much.
    And bravo for your chicIssimo blog!

  2. Mark,

    I have specifically been looking for coffee table inspiration, and you have definitely provided it!

    thanks much!

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