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photograph by slim aarons

katharine hepburn- rebel chic


“REBEL CHIC- Katharine Hepburn” - One Comment

  1. years ago a friend of friends of mine was lunching alone in a manhattan eatery where he noticed the great Kate, also alone, at a nearby table. At the time he was an attractive middle aged man and Kate was older. in a moment of sheer inspiration he decided to have a bit of fun so he scribbled a little note and had the waiter deliver it to the divine one. on the note he had written , “ms. Hepburn, if you don’t stop this outrageous flirting with me, I’m going to have to call the management.” upon reading it, our kate let out a whoop of laughter and invited him over for a drink. Her friend A. scott berg wrote a beautiful memoir of their times together. a great read.


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