REBEL CHIC- Katharine Hepburn

i wake up every morning with katharine hepburn. it’s true! a slim aarons photograph of katharine driving along the waterfront in montego bay, jamaica, sits on my bathroom counter leaning against my mirror. it has to be one of my favorite things, i find it very special!

i also find katharine to be very special! her style was so classic, timeless, confident and chic! katharine’s personal style was kinda rebellious. she went against the hollywood norm of the time and always stayed true to herself- she was not only special, she was rare, unique and yes- chic!

a perfect combination of glamour and tomboy she was most comfortable in trousers, blazers, white shirts, cardigans, trenches, striped shirts, straw hats and head scarves- she made all of these her own! all sound familiar? well it should, she also loved many of my favorite things!

we talk about timeless style which means it always looks right! we talk about classic style which means it always feels right! we talk about chic which means it’s special! the conversation always comes back to kate- a style icon, a fashion original, a rebel!

katharine hepburn- timeless, classic and rebel chic! the reason my mornings are always something special!

most photographs from the new book katharine hepburn: rebel chic.

photograph by slim aarons

katharine hepburn- rebel chic


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  1. years ago a friend of friends of mine was lunching alone in a manhattan eatery where he noticed the great Kate, also alone, at a nearby table. At the time he was an attractive middle aged man and Kate was older. in a moment of sheer inspiration he decided to have a bit of fun so he scribbled a little note and had the waiter deliver it to the divine one. on the note he had written , “ms. Hepburn, if you don’t stop this outrageous flirting with me, I’m going to have to call the management.” upon reading it, our kate let out a whoop of laughter and invited him over for a drink. Her friend A. scott berg wrote a beautiful memoir of their times together. a great read.

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