I LIKE LOU- Lou Doillon

its often been said i like a look. i guess i would define it as tomboy style, but pretty! you know, a look with all my favorite things- stripes, white jeans, blazers, military jackets, blue shirts, denim. i’ve often said i like the french look, well because i do- those french editors, well they know how to do it!

i like how the french girls wear my favorite things- mixed with a white blouse, a tuxedo, a chanel jacket, a givenchy sandal, a pencil skirt, a balmain blazer, even a fur. french tomboy glamour is what i live to call it! i also call it chic, glamorous and stylish!

that’s why i like model, singer, actress  lou doillon–  she’s french, she’s chic, she is the daughter of jane birkin, who in my book is everything and cool, she loves tuxedos and chanel, i love her tousled hair and her bangs, i love that she is carefree, bare and sexy- i guess what i really love is that she has an edge!

i wouldn’t say lou is a great beauty but she has that look- it’s effortless, unprescribed, authentic, sexy- it’s chic! i can’t help it- i like lou!

Lou and Jane- Women i like!

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