fridays are always about my favorites- i’ve featured the a folding ray-ban aviator, the céline classic flap bag, garden stools, even a car- the fiat 500 c! i was thinking today how about featuring a favorite look, a style? why not feature tomboy style? a friday favorite look, and fyi- it’s chic !

yesterday’s post on the french actress, model and singer lou doillon i talked a little about this tomboy look i love- i guess it’s kinda like boy meets girl! lets take it a step further with this editorial that was in french vogue (fyi- this tomboy style is pretty much dictated  by the french vogue editors), photographed by claudia knoepfel and stefan indlekofer, featuring it model kendra spears- look out karlie, kendra is fast becoming a new favorite!

here is a tomboy checklist- all you need for fall! a peacoat, white jeans, ray-bans of course, a grey cashmere crewneck, a new short haircut (this is risky, might want to stick to a cute pony tail), gold chains and bracelets, a trench is a must, a military shirt and a chunky neutral sweater is a given!

ironically, i wear all these things too, hence the boy meets girl- all favorites! ok, maybe not the gold chains and i’ll stick to short hair and not the pony tail. what i also realized when i was writing this tomboy post checklist i realized there were nine must have items for fall tomboy style- wouldn’t be great to have ten? fyi- the tenth can be you!


A Peacoat

White Jeans


Grey Cashmere Crew

A Short Cut

Gold Layers

A Trench

A Military Shirt

A Chunky Neutral Sweater


Lastly, all you need is YOU!

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