I was just telling someone last night at a party that surprisingly i never feel like i dont have something to blog about, i guess i rarely feel uninspired! there are things i love and there are things i really love that believe it or not i haven’t featured on the blog! every time anyone asks me what are my favorite things  (see a feature here), chinoiserie wallpaper is always at the top of the list- and surprisingly i haven’t blogged about it yet! so today is the day, a great week for it- Chinoiserie wallpaper, a friday favorite!

where do i start? i love chinoiserie wallpaper because it is pretty, always elegant, never wrong, intricate and fine, beautiful and detailed, traditional yet modern! i really love it! i pretty much try to use it somehow in most design projects, my go to is gracie wallpaper, either in a dining room or a bedroom, even an entry and a few powder rooms! i love it from floor to ceiling or inset in paneling, also chic framed like art work, and i can’t wait to make a screen out of it!

chinoiserie wallpaper- always pretty, perfectly timeless, beyond chic, my forever Favorite! and listen if miles redd, tory burch, michael s. smith, aerin lauder, and jeffrey bilhuber love to use it, you can pretty much be certain you should use it- it’s called being chinoiserie chic! enjoy!

Yves Saint Laurent

Michael S. Smith- Elle Decor

Michael S. Smith- House & Garden

Miles Redd

Miles Redd- Elle Decor

Mark D. Sikes- House Beautiful

Michelle Nussbaumer

Cathy Triant Buxton- Elle Decor

Hutton Wilkinson- Harper’s Bazaar

The World of Interiors

Miles Redd- House Beautiful

Miles Redd- Elle Decor

Tory Burch- Vogue

Mark D. Sikes- Lonny

Anne Getty- Horst Photograph


Albert Hadley

Aerin Lauder- Elle Decor

Michael S. Smith- House Beautiful

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Miles Redd- House Beautiful

Miles Redd- Elle Decor

Mile Redd- Town & Country

Suzanne Rheinstein

Michael S. Smith= Elle Decor

Miles Redd

Albert Hadley

Michael Taylor

Nick Olsen- Veranda

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  1. Dear Mark,
    Love your work ! Could you tell me please what Gracie SY code and shade of paint you used beneath in the above photo “Mark D. Sikes House Beautiful ?

    Kind regards,


  2. dear mark… thank you for including me in your chinoiserie chic blog… i am honored. i had the wallpaper hand painted in india on silk and then paper backed in l.a… the bedspread is an antique chinese applique and embroidery, which we re-embroidered onto a new ivory silk satin background and then quilted. someday i want you to see my coromandel paneled bedroom at our malibu ranch… with its antique chinese chippendale pagoda bed… its my favorite room of all. see you soon i hope… best… hutton

  3. Hi Mark, I have been enjoying my morning tea with you for the last few months. Thank you! Loved this last post and it made me think of a room painted by Scott Waterman. thought you might enjoy the links below. If you don’t know about him already, he is wonderful to work with and is also a wonderful artist.

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