the best thing about this time of year is pulling out my camel hair blazer and at the top of my wish list is a new camel cashmere top coat! really, is there anything more chic than camel? i don’t think so- camel is a sure bet, especially this time of year!

I’m heading back to san francisco for thanksgiving with my camel hair blazer in tow. you can bet i’ll be wearing it with my white jeans and a grey cashmere sweater one day, the next with all navy! ladies i hope you will be wearing some camel too! how about a camel cape, maybe a camel trench, a camel blazer for you is chic too!

so whatever you do make sure you pull out some camel- it’s that time of year! and whatever you do for thanksgiving- top it off with camel! nothing is more chic, especially this time of year!

photographs by the sartorialisttommy tonphil ohmr. newtonvanessa jackman, and pinterest.

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