today i was planning on doing a post on dining rooms for obvious reasons. today most of you will be setting your tables, dusting off your china, getting your flowers, polishing your silver, finalizing your menus and probably heading to the grocery store five times, therefore, an array of gorgeous dining rooms seemed likely to inspire!

i have been saving the first picture in this post as a lead into a thanksgiving dining room story, a dining room by my favorite design team of alexandra and michael misczynski of Atelier am, however, as i began organizing my photos i was so struck by the whole house. it’s really amazing and surprise, it’s in vegas!

i don’t know about you, but i’m not a fan of vegas. never have been, likely i never will be, however, i am a fan of this house and the idea of an excursion to this house might change my mind about vegas!

i won’t go on and on about the details and the beauty of this house because the pictures say it all and i have done numerous posts on the genius of atelier am, but do take note of the color palette- terracotta, russet, celedon, sage green, olive, creme and gold! the colors of fall, the colors of warmth- the colors of thanksgiving!

i don’t know about you, but now there is something appealing about las vegas- better yet thanksgiving in vegas! thank you to atelier am for this new light- thanks in vegas! enjoy!

all photographs by francois halard from the book interiors atelier am and by pieter estersohn for architectural digest.

thanks in vegas!

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  1. Mark…this was an outstanding home and post! Thank you…I think I pinned every picture!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Linda Floyd
    Linda L. Floyd, Inc
    Interior Design

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