today is black friday. most everyone will go out shopping, i most definitely will not! the crowds and the mayhem is not my thing, but i will do some shopping on line at jcrew and club monaco, taking advantage of the sales and stocking up on some basics, essentials, can’t live with-outs!

one thing i can’t live with out are my cashmere skull caps- a friday favorite! chances are spring, summer, winter or fall if its before nine am you will find me in a cashmere skullcap. at the gym, at starbucks, at cycle house (my new obsession), at the grocery or at the news stand, actually, right this very moment as i write this post im in a grey cashmere skull cap, Henley, grey cardigan and military jacket- at starbucks!

my extra-large black canvas hermès garden bag is always stocked with a grey, camel, navy and a charcoal skull cap- i’m not kidding! my motto- never leave home without a skull cap, spring, summer, winter or fall- an essential i can’t live without! cashmere skull caps- a friday favorite! actually, an everyday favorite!

note- this is the time of year to get skull caps. there are basically only three months they are available. i’ll be stocking up, especially since i can’t live without!

happy black friday!

photographs by the sartorialisttommy tonphil ohmr. newtonvanessa jackman, and pinterest.

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