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Part 2

MDS- Currently, what is your favorite book?

JB- Mortality by Christopher Hitchens. Actually, it’s the only Christopher Hitchens book I’ve ever wanted to read.



MDS- What is your Favorite Restaurant?

JB- Swifty’s in New York, which my son calls “Swanky’s”, and I call “our neighborhood canteen”.

Swifty’s- 1007 Lexington Ave.


MDS- What is your favorite gift to give or receive?

JB- Piles and piles of money. Preferably to receive. Very large, uncut emeralds would be rather nice to give away.

piles of money or a perfectly appointed upper west side residence designed by Jeffrey. Photographs courtesy of rizzoli from the book- The Way Home.


MDS- What is your favorite accessory?

JB- A chilled bottle of Brouilly. Specifically Château de la Chaize.



MDS- Who is your favorite artist?

JB- James McNeil Whistler

Whistler’s Mother- 1871- Musée d’Orsay

Symphony in Grey and Green: The Ocean- 1866

At the Piano- 1858

The Sea- 1865

Harmony in Grey and Green: The Music Room- 1861


MDS- What is your favorite color?

JB- To quote Mr. Hadley, “my favorite color is atmosphere!”

The great Albert Hadley


MDS- What is your favorite flower?

JB- Black Dahlias


MDS- What is your favorite store?

JB- Mitchel London Foods on 65th Street, between Madison and Fifth Aves. The store has nothing to do with decorating. It’s much more about olive oil, rosemary, garlic, chickens, lamb, apples, and cream.

Mitchel London Foods- 22A East 65th St.


MDS- What is your favorite indulgence?

JB- Being a father.

Bilhuber and his son Christoph near their house in Locust Valley, New York. Photograph from 1stdibs.


MDS- What is your favorite vacation spot?

JB- I can’t remember when I took my last vacation. Honestly, my house and garden in Locust Valley. I can’t get in two weeks swatting mosquitos in the Turks and Caicos what I can get in two days pulling carrots from my garden.

Hay Fever, Jeffrey bilhuber’s Locust Valley, New York home. Photographed by francois halard for vogue.


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