THEN AND NOW- Il Pellicano- Part 2

i don’t know why this is but whenever it’s time to pile on sweaters and coats, send holiday cards, gather hostess gifts, pull down christmas decor, all i can think about is the beach, sandals and straw hats- all i can think about is a vacation!

a few weeks ago i was chatting with Michael S. Smith (you probably know what that means) and this very subject came up. he mentioned loving Il Pellicano off the west coast of italy. ironically, one of my first sunday book club posts that was titled “I Need a Vacation”, was about the book Hotel Il Pellicano– the chic destination with photographs by slim aarons.

then the very day after this conversation with michael i got my new vogue and lo and behold there was the resort editorial photographed by mario testino, featuring the oh so beautiful, carolyn murphy and actor matthias schoenaerts at guess where? il pellicano! a divine sign. someone is trying to tell me something!

we are all so busy with our lives and our work, that it’s hard to fit in time for a vacation or a getaway. maybe its the coats, all the sweaters, the holiday rigmarole the daunting rain and the snow, however, i don’t know about you but i feel like it’s time for a vacation, a getaway, a beach, some sun and sand- i think it’s time for a chic retreat to il pellicano!

enjoy a collection of photographs of il pellicano by slim aarons from the 60’s and the 70’s and recent photographs by mario testino for vogue. il pellicano, then and now. i need a vacation!


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