right now it’s all about leather! especially black leather! black leather biker jackets, pants, even dresses. down all the runways, on all the streets. right now i’m loving leather!

however, the way i’m liking black leather is simply with a few of my other favorite things! can’t get enough of it with stripes, a perfect compliment to denim, chic with anything white, stylish with something military! i’m loving black leather- the new friend to my favorite things!

speaking of friends- kate, the lsd, emmanuelle, vanessa, karlie and geraldine are all loving black leather with my favorite things too. all that’s needed besides a few stripes, denim, anything white and something military is a fab bag- chanel or céline will do!

plain and simple- i’m loving black leather! aren’t you?!

photographs by the sartorialisttommy tonphil ohmr. newton, stockholm street stylevanessa jackman, and pinterest

Loving leather- aren’t you?!

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