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fil d’argent wallpaper- henri d’origny design in kaolin

campagne bussonnière wallpaper- francois houtin design in natural

gribouill’h wallpaper- frank mouteault and mariétou design in étoupe

finish wallpaper- jean-louis clerc design in nattier blue

up and down wallpaper- sandy queudrus design in anise

pele-mele wallpaper- philippe dumas design in black and white

rayure hippique wallpaper in ruby sage

circuit 24 wallpaper- benoit pierre emery wallpaper in clay

feuillage wallpaper- raoul dufy wallpaper n mint

bibliothèque wallpaper- hugo grygkar design in natier blue

herringbone wallpaper- nigel peake wallpaper in chestnut

equateur wallpaper- robert dallet wallpaper in zenith

op’h wallpaper- archives bucol wallpaper in terracotta

les sangles wallpaper- joachim metz design in terracotta

“HERMES THE WALLS” - One Comment

  1. Very chic! Can’t wait to use some of these on a project!


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