i love part 2 of the MDS Interviews because i get to find out more about the people that inspire me- we get to find out their favorite people, places and things! however, before we get to bunny williams‘ favorites i want to share a few more of mine!

so it’s clear bunny is one of my favorite designer’s, actually, one of my favorite people. she also has a furniture line called beeline home- an absolute favorite! if you’re not familiar with it you need to be! the chicest collection of tables, case goods, chairs, sofas, lamps, mirrors and accessories. i love every piece and i use them all the time in my design projects. i think i’m beeline homes biggest fan! great products at a great value and oh so chic!

then there is bunny and john’s store Treillage, actually two stores in nyc. the lexington ave. store, which i devoured yesterday, is full of beautiful tabletop, accessories and gifts and the 75th ave. store, is the best place for hand-picked furniture and garden antiques. it’s that time of year, time for getting gifts. you must explore Triellage’s new on-line store and get some gifts- the best gifts! gifts for friends and gifts for you!

lastly, i have already mentioned bunny’s books in previous posts but let me tell you about them again. on garden style, an affair with a house, point of view and her newest, a scrapbook for living are all favorites. i have several of each and i give them all the time as gifts- treasures really!

favorites, favorites, favorites! favorite designer, favorite lamps, chairs and mirrors, favorite stores and favorite books. but enough of my favorites let’s get to bunny’s! oh and i almost forgot, she and john’s home in punta cana is hands down my favorite home- my all time favorite!

thank you bunny, thank you for being apart of MDS Interviews! the best holiday gift i will be given!


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite color?

BW- Can’t choose. I work with color everyday so I cannot have a favorite. I do hate teal and maroon, though.

Kips Bay 2009 Showhouse. one of my favorite rooms by Bunny- Gorgeous color!


MDS- What is your favorite book?

BW-  Anthony Trollope’s The Way We Live Now and Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence


MDS- What is your favorite Restaurant?

BW- Antonucci’s

Antonucci’s- 170 E. 81st Street, NYC.


MDS- What is your favorite accessory?

BW-  My Felco garden clippers




MDS- What is your favorite gift to get or receive?

BW- Caroline’s Caramel Cake. Sinful but so delicious. (www.carolinescake.com)



MDS- What is your favorite flower?

BW- Tuberose

Bunny’s Connecticut powder room with a mixed garden bouquet with tuberose.


MDS- Who is your favorite artist?

BW- Joan Mitchell and Edouard Vuillard

Joan Mitchell- Untitled Diptych II

Edouard Vuillard


MDS- What is your favorite indulgence?

BW- My garden.

Bunny’s garden in Connecticut.



MDS- What is your favorite store?

BW-  Treillage, the store John and I have together, because we are always buying what we love for the shop year round.

Bunny and John Rosselli outside their store Treillage on Lexington Ave. in NYC.


MDS- What is your favorite vacation spot?

BW- Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic where we have a house, a garden and four wonderful dogs.

Punta Cana- Bunny and John’s house in the Dominican Republic. my all time favorite home!

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  1. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing your interview with bunny williams and the most wonderful photographs!

    Best wishes

    Jenny MEIN

  2. Bunny is an absolute icon of the design world! I Adore the Home in the Dominican Republic.Thank you Mark..

    2012 Artists Series,

  3. Having worked for Bunny for many years, i very much appreciate and share your enthusiasm! She truly is a decorating legend and taught us things that simply are not taught these days – Lifestyle, etiquette, southern hospitality and how to live in your home. FAbulous interview – thank you!

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