CHIC NEXT DOOR- Marina Larroudé

to be completely honest i don’t know much about marina larroudé other than the fact she is from brazil, her first job was at the chic boutique daslu in san paulo, she then started her career at vogue brazil before becoming market director for what i do know is she is chic- girl next door chic!

what i also know, is that there is something about her. to be honest, i can’t put my finger on it but what ever it is, it does it for me. i think it’s modern classic, edgy preppy, maybe you could call it cool lady?!

i love her simple hair, clean makeup, minimal jewelry. she always has on my favorite things- denim, chambray, navy blazers, stripes, military jackets, blue shirts, fur, white shirts, leather biker jackets. but she adds a fab shoe, a printed top or bottom, a chic bag, classic shades, all with a ponytail- i love a ponytail!

there is just something about Marina. she’s cute and sexy, classic and stylish, tomboy and lady- she’s muse material, she utterly shines! she’s chic next door!

Marina Laroudé- she utterly shines. she’s chic next door!


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